New poster!

Hi to all!

Here is our new poster with the colaboration of Namito111!


There are some questions that we made to him:

– A part from painting in Krita, do you contribute into some open-sources project ?
Except some posts on KDE forum, I’m just an user so far. However I’m considering to contribute as a translator or a tester in the future.

– Do you work in the ambit of design, illustration…?
No, I paint as a weekend hobby.

– What brushes did you use to do that image?
I used 3 brushes on it:
1. Pencil-esque Pixel brush for the lineart.
2. Fully opaque Pixel brush for defining areas to color prior to the actual coloring process.
3. Color Smudge brush for the ‘uneven’ texture of watercolor paint. The Smudge mode is set to Dulling.

– How did you discovered Krita?
I discovered it while exploring image editing softwares available on Ubuntu Linux in early 2012. At that time I was migrating from Windows to Linux to use GIMP at the full speed.

– What is your favourite feature of Krita?
I love the seamless zoom/pan/rotate view interface and the quick access palette. They really boost my efficiency.

Thanks to Namito111! You can see more of his work on deviant.

It will be on Zazzle soon!


New mug!

Hi to all!

We have the pleasure to show you our new mug with the collaboration of David Revoy.


We have made to him some questions for you!

Q-A part from painting in Krita, do you contribute into some open-sources project ?

A-Yes, I contribute also to Gimp, Mypaint, Wikipedia and test Linux distributions. I also worked on two open-movie productions : Sintel ( art-direction ) and Tears of Steel ( concept-art , storyboard ) , and released two open workshop DVD’s : Chaos&Evolutions and Blend&Paint.

Q-Do you work in the ambit of design, illustration…?

A- Yes, I’m a freelance illustrator since 2002 living in the south of France. I work remotely from my home studio for various pubishers and studios.

Q- What brushes did you use to do that image?

A- I used the ‘particle brush’ engine , with various settings changed on the fly. It was just a test, a speed-painting to test this particular and very ‘digital’ looking brush.

Q- How did you discover Krita?

A- I discovered Krita back in 2006 or 2007 while following generalist news on a CG forum. It was talking mainly about the CMYK support. I first tested it on old Ubuntu package around 2008. Then I joined the team as a tester on 2010 after my work on the art-direction of the open-movie Sintel.

Q- What is your favourite feature of Krita?

A- Too much to list them all : Dulling smudge, Textured stroke, a lot of shortcut available, incremental saving, transformation tool, stabilisation, PSD support, CMYK … But above all, I like the general performance and smoothness of the brush; a lot of work of optimisation was made about it thanks to the dedicated work of the developpers Lukas Tvrdy and Dmitry Kazakov.

You can know more about Dave visiting his portfolio.

Thanks to Dave and hoping you like it!

You can buy our mug on Zazzle. Enjoy it!

Welcome to the Krita Webshop Blog!

Hi to all!

Krita is a digital painting and illustration open-source program based on KDE Platform and Calligra Suite libraries. It was released for the first time as a part of KOffice on June 21, 2005.

Now, we are improving our web shop and offering more merchandise, the money will be used for the livelihood of Krita and its growth.

The question is, why are we creating a blog? The images used in Krita’s merchandise are created by our users. Krita’s design emphasizes creating artwork, for this reason we will show you in this blog how the artists create the image, what brushes did they use to do the image… We will bring you closer to the artists and show you all the possibilities that Krita has for you!


Welcome to the artists place!