No rest for Krita

Krita is growing and ensuring its position, since the release of Krita 2.5 Krita team has being working hard.

Krita 2.5, months later Krita 2.6, Krita 2.7 will be released this summer and 2.8 at Fall. Krita is not only improving in terms of software, the team is promoting Krita, giving demonstrations, doing workshops, conferences… in events such  Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013 and Madrid Libre Graphics Meeting 2013.

They will be this summer in the Akademy, the annual world summit of KDE, one of the largest Free Software communities in the world. This summer will take part in Bilbao, where is expected to be presented “Muses”.

Muses is the second training DVD of Krita, made by Ramon Miranda. You can pre-order it with a special price on 27.50€ that includes the shipping! Run for it!

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