How to… draw “The conquest” with Ghevan!

Hi to all!

Today we are going to show yo a timelapse by Ghevan of his draw “The conquest”.

The image takes about 3 hours of work, that you can see how was here:


Here is for you a short interview of Ghevan!

-Apart from painting in Krita, do you contribute into some open-sources project ?

Yes, but more on the side of spreading the word. Inkscape, Photivo, Blender, LibreOffice, cmus. Aside from that, no, Krita is the only community I contribute actively at the moment. In the past I’ve approached Ubuntu Artists community and Inkscape forums. but I wasn’t very constant.

– Do you work in the ambit of design, illustration…?

I’m trying to. Currently transitioning from Web Designer to Concept Artist, Illustrator and Visual Storyteller. As this is very recent, no work has emerged yet.

– What brushes did you use to do that image?

I mainly used Krita default brush presets, rounded brushes and for a quick texture the “Texture_paint_chalk” brush.

– How did you discovered Krita?

I discovered it twice. The first one was in 2007 while searching for painting apps in the buntu’s repositories, I believe it was Krita 1.6.2. The second time was after seeing David Revoy’s blog post about Krita’s challenge ( … -very-soon), that made me very curious about the software again. So I’ve downloaded version 2.4 for Windows.

– What is your favourite feature of Krita?

There are many features I use from Krita but I definitively can’t live without the brush settings drop down dialog. All settings are laid out in a coherent way and because the dialog size does not vary because of window width, it makes finding and tweaking any option very fast and easy. Also because it incorporates a little painting area it is not necessary to close the dialog to test the new settings.

If you want to know more about him visit his blog and his deviant!

Thanks to Ghevan and have a nice weekend!

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