16 days to… Krita 2.7!

Good morning to all! The day of the release is getting closer and closer. Our developers and contributors are working hard to offer new features for the users!

Here are some new features:

  • Freehand path tool (by Sven): the old Pelcil tool (that came from Karbon) could also be used on Krita for vector graphics, but the default was that it couldn’t use Krita brushes. This new feature will allow the use of the new tool on pixel and vector layer.
  • QML export. (by Sven)
  • Applying curves to the alpha channel to the curves filter. (by Sahil Nagpal, this is his first in-depth contribution!)
  • Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool. (by Lukas Tvrdy).
    Ghevan explained on his blog how to use it: Paint a motif on the center of the canvas, Go to Image> Image offset, and use default values, yout image will be split into the four corners leaving you an empty central area, paint another motif an the centre, and finally save the image!
    You can know more about this feature with the video that mifth made for this.




  • Grayscale selections
  • Improvements on the transform tool
  • Better smothing
  • Shapes can be painted with the brush
  • Composition docker : stack can be browsed with up and down arrow; visibility state can be batch exported
  • Color button on Krita toolbar open the Qt color menu, allowing color picking colors on all desktop, HSV color selecting with numeric, Hex, and system wide palette sharing.
  • / switch last preset selected with current ; useful to store a drawing tool and a eraser , or a paint tool and a smudger
  • New ‘color to apha’ filter
  • The 2.7 king feature with greyscale mask : Texture option for many brush engines + textures kit
  • Better smudge brush engine
  • Filter brush new option
  • Multiple tablet handling on multiscreen ( for Cintiqs + classic tablet both connected to dual screen)
  • Control + Alt : pick color on the active layer only, not visible color
  • Custom sliders on top toolbar (opacity/ flow / size ), layer stack style ( minimal /detailed / thumb )


Have a nice monday!

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